B.A.; Psychology
Permanent Professional Teacher's Certificate (Alberta, 1977)
M.Ed.; Counselling psychology (1982)
Registered psychologist in Alberta (1982)
Ph.D.; Psychology (1987)
Diplomat, Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators
Registered Family Mediator (RFM)
Chartered Mediator (C. Med.)


Dr. Fong, for the past 22 years, has been a much sought after worldwide lecturer, consultant and trainer in conflict management. Originally trained by Dr. John Haynes, Ph.D. (U.S.) a leading international mediator and author, Dr. Fong also acts as an Arbitrator.

He is the only psychologist to provide training for lawyers through the Legal Education Society Training (LESA) which is the training arm for lawyers in the Province of Alberta for over 15 years. The training program, an intensive 42 hours, exceeds the requirements for Advanced Practitioner level in the Association for Conflict Resolution, the largest mediation organization in the world. The LESA program is one of only two programs in Canada to be approved and one of Canada's longest running approved programs in mediation.
The training program, since 1983, has been the ultimate choice of all mediators including those mediators from the fields of the judiciary, law, psychology, social work, accounting, business, the ministry, and other professions. Many of the graduates are mediators in such areas such as wills/estate, commercial, personal injury, neighbourhood dispute and mediation in hospitals or medical settings. Graduates have come from all parts of North America and as well from Holland and Switzerland.

Dr. Fong has trained judges, police personnel, psychologists, lawyers and business persons across 14 different countries. In 1993 he opened the first World Mediation Conference with then President Mary Robinson Ireland, who is presently High Commissioner with the UN. He was on the Scientific Committee for the WMF conferences in Sardinia, Italy and Buenos Aires, Argentina. He presently is a Board member of the World Mediation Forum.

Dr. Fong has been a trainer for the National Judicial Council (California) and National Judicial Institute (Canada) for Judges. Judges trained in Canada are from every level of Court. He has trained Judges for Royal Roads College (Canada) and as well Judges of all levels in Trinidad & Tobago. Many of his training programs in European countries have included Judges up to Appeal level.

In 1999 he was an opening speaker for the Nordic Mediation Conference in Oslo, Norway and guest plenary speaker and trainer for the same conference in Denmark (2002). Since 1997 he has been a regular trainer in Switzerland and Holland. In addition, he trains Judges and mediators in Canada, United States, Argentina, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Cuba, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

He has taught Child Find Canada personnel on the return of children from abduction and is a Canadian mediator for Child Find America. In addition, he has taught mediation to the Calgary City Police Commission and Police Academy (Calgary), oil related personnel (ERCB), as well as child protection workers. He was one of the only few trainers in Canada and the United States to train new police recruits in a traditional police training academy. He has trained professionals in the Calgary Parks & Recreation in mediation skills. He has lectured on mediation in the commercial litigation field to various groups such as the Swiss and Dutch Bar. He presently is a mediator for the Calgary Police Citizen Complaints section.

Dr. Fong is the only Canadian to have sat as a Director on three mediation Boards: the Alberta Family Mediation Society (Past President), Family Mediation Canada (Past President) and the Academy of Family Mediators (Past President). He previously was on the Board of Directors for Calgary Legal Guidance. He is a Past President of the Psychologists Association of Alberta, and sat on all appeals and disciplinary matters with respect to the regulated practice of psychology in Alberta. He is a Past-President of the College of Alberta Psychologists, the regulatory body for the practice of psychology.

He was the sole Canadian to be chosen to assist with the merger of the Society of Providers in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR), CREnet (educational mediators) and the Academy of Family Mediators (AFM). This multimillion dollar merger funded by a foundation in the United States will make this the strongest and largest mediator group in the world. As well as a Canadian leader in the field, he was elected to be on this new Board, and in 2004 shall be the President of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).

In addition, he has headed the negotiation team for the College of Alberta Psychologists, which is part of the regulatory bodies of Psychology in Canada pertaining to the Agreement in Internal Trade. Agreement in Internal Trade negotiations will allow all professionals to cross jurisdictional boundaries in Canada.

He is a member of the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society, has successfully completed the Arbitration Law & Practice program, and was the Calgary co-instructor for the Mediation: Theory and Skills (Level 1 and 2) programs. He has been designated in Canada as a Chartered Mediator (C. Med.) under the auspices of the Alberta Arbitration & Mediation Society (AAMS). He has also received the designation of Registered Family Mediator (RFM) by the Alberta Family Mediation Society. He is also a trained Arbitrator for the Canadian Association of Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP).

Dr. Fong is a recipient of the Dr. John Haynes Memorial Award (AFMS) and the Distinguished Mediator Award (ACR). His book on mediation is published in English, German and Italian. Since 1989 his training tapes have been sold worldwide.

Dr. Fong has also been a regular visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Calgary. He also was a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Welfare, University of Calgary. He was an international judge for the Client Counselling program, American Bar Association and the only non-lawyer to be chosen to do so. He has consulted with the Department of Justice in Ottawa with respect to mediation.

He has also appeared on CBC national television and radio. He has appeared in magazines such as Canadian Business and Business Commerce. In addition, he was invited to appear on the youth program Connections which aired Canada wide on the CTV network, as well as United States syndicated television stations. He has, in conjunction with Dr. John Haynes, produced training videotapes of mediation and these are sold and used by trainers worldwide.


Past President, Family Mediation Canada
Past President, Psychologists Association of Alberta
Past President, College of Alberta Psychologists
Past President, Academy of Family Mediators
Board member, Association Family & Conciliation Courts
Board Member, Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), 2000
Past President, Alberta Family Mediation Society
President Elect, Association for Conflict Resolution
Chartered Mediator, AMIC
Registered Family Mediator, AFMS
Past Board Member, Calgary Legal Guidance
Board of Directors, Positive Conflict Management, Inc.; distributors of training tapes in mediation disputes
Mediation Trainer for Legal Education Society of Alberta (LESA)
Guest appearances on radio in Calgary, Halifax and Wisconsin
Guest appearance on CBC television and CBC Newsworld nationwide
Guest appearance CTV television nationwide, syndicated in the US
Trainer worldwide in mediation and consultation