B.A. (Psychology)
Permanent Professional Teacher's Certificate (Alberta)
M. Ed. (Counselling Psychology)
Ph. D. (Psychology)


Full Member Psychologists Association of Alberta (1976 to present)
Registered Psychologist in Alberta, College of Alberta Psychologists (1982 to present)
Full Member of the Canadian Psychological Association
Associate Member: American Psychological Association
Diplomat (Counselling): International Academy for Behavioural Medicine, Counselling and Psychotherapy
Practitioner Level Mediator, Academy of Family Mediators, now the Association for Conflict
Resolution (ACR)
Consultant, Academy of Family Mediators, now the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)
Certified Teacher, Permanent Professional Teachers Certificate, Department of Education, Alberta (1977 to
Registered Custody Evaluator (R.C.E.) & Diplomat of Academy Register of Custody Evaluators, PACE
Member, American College of Forensic Psychology
Associate Council Member: National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges


Past President, College of Alberta Psychologists (regulatory)
Past President, Academy of Family Mediators (USA)
Past President, Psychologists Association of Alberta (regulatory & professional)
Past President, Alberta Family Mediation Society
Past President, Family Mediation Canada
Past Board of Directors, Calgary Legal Guidance
Past Board of Directors, Alberta Mentor Foundation for Youth
Board Member of Association Family & Conciliation Courts
Board Member of Association for Conflict Resolution
President Elect, Association for Conflict Resolution (2004)
Advisory Council, Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators


In the matter of assessments, I have been tendered as an expert witness in the Provincial Court of Alberta, Family and Youth Division, as well as the Court of Queen's Bench, Alberta and Court of Queen's Bench, Saskatchewan. I have also been an expert witness in the Court of Queen's Bench (Criminal), Alberta. I have completed well over 400 forensic assessments and opinions for the Court. In addition, I have been court ordered to conduct assessments on behalf of the Provincial Court of British Columbia in B.C.

In addition to psychological assessment of parenting/best interests of children, I have also conducted psychological assessments pertaining to matters of child abduction, child protection issues (child sexual abuse) and guardianship matters. Also, in the forensic area, I have conducted assessments of personal injury, testamentary capacity, dependent adult applications, applications for dangerousness and those for the public trustee. I have also provided litigation support for legal counsel in the Court of Queen’s Bench as well as privately with respect to matters related to psychological assessments including the area of sexual harassment. I have been called upon to act as a binding arbitrator under the Arbitration Act (Alberta) in child custody matters and with the Canadian Association of Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan. I have conducted assessments related to sex offenders and have appeared in front of the National Parole Board on matters related to release to the community. I have also appeared as a psychologist before the regulatory boards for Pharmacy and the Certified Management Accountants. I am presently the only Canadian mediator for Child Find America.

I have psycho-legal training from Family Court Services (1982) as the sole psychologist at Family Court, Children’s Services, and conducted provincial, national and international assessments of custody as designated by those reciprocating courts. This has included assessments of abduction and custody internationally. I was a Supervisor of Family Court Services, and as well a Supervisor of Child Welfare in Calgary. I have training and experience in the field of child protection issues. As a Supervisor at Family Court Services, I was directly responsible for a staff of six clinical social workers, and provided the paralegal work, including assessments for the Amicus Curiae for the Justice department. While in Child Welfare I supervised up to a staff of 12 clinical social workers. During my tenure at Family Court Services as psychologist, I was personally trained and supervised by a matrimonial lawyer for three consecutive years. In the early part of my private practice, I had direct contact and consultation with a seasoned matrimonial lawyer. I presently hold a Permanent Professional Teacher's certificate (Elementary Education) and have taught school at all grade levels.

As a Past President of the Psychologists Association of Alberta, I represented over 1200 psychologists on matters of regulatory and collegial issues. I sat and acted as Chair of all appeals of discipline and sat as the CPAP representative for all provincial and territorial representatives of psychology in Canada. I was President (1998) on the newly formed College of Alberta Psychologists. This is the regulatory component for the practice of psychology in Alberta. I was on the negotiating committee for the Agreement Internal Trade allowing psychologists mobility across Canada.

I have been a lecturer to the Faculty of Law, University of Calgary in the areas of evaluation of parenting/custody and mediation and conflict management. I have also lectured to the Faculty of Social Welfare, University of Calgary. Internationally I have lectured at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. I also have lectured on custody evaluations for the Psychologists Association of Alberta and developed a manual on child custody. I have also taught similar courses on custody to other institutions such as hospitals and colleges. I am the only Canadian psychologist to be chosen to lecture on faculty for the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) at the International Conference for Custody Assessors (1994) in Tucson, Arizona, Clearwater, Florida (1996), Breckenridge, Colorado (1997), and Kiawah, South Carolina (2000). I am a regular lecturer. In addition, I have lectured on ethics at the University of South Florida. I was also chosen as the only psychologist to be a judge for law students in the final of the American Bar Association client counselling competition. I have trained Judges, court workers and assessors for the Judicial Council of California (Educational Institute) in 1998.

I have been a trainer for the program in family and divorce mediation for the Legal Education Society of Alberta (LESA), and have instructed and lectured on mediation, arbitration and negotiations throughout Canada, United States, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Argentina, Cuba and Ireland. Also, courses have been awarded APA continuing education or legal credit in the states of Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin. I have appeared locally and internationally on radio and television throughout Canada, including syndication in the United States.