Mediation is a private, usually voluntary, discussion and consensual decision making process in which one or more impartial persons – the mediator(s) – assist people, organizations, and communities in conflict to work toward a variety of goals.

Mediation can be used in areas of business whereby people are in dispute, as well as landlord tenant disputes, wills and estates, personal injury or complaints to professional regulatory bodies. As well, mediation can be very popular for parents who are divorcing and require guidance as to what is best for their family. This remains one of the most popular areas for mediation, and it is practiced world wide.

Dr. Fong is a celebrated author of the book ‘Mediation’ and is a producer of training audio-visual aids, used by mediators. He, along with Dr. John Haynes, helped produce the Series 1 and Series 2 training tapes of actual live mediations (see training materials). These tapes can be purchased for general interest or training purposes.

Mediation Practice Areas