Dr. Fong has been in psychological practice for over 20 years. His international consulting practice spans the areas of business, legal and personal consultation. Dr. Fong has a permanent teachers certificate and has taught at all grade levels. He was Supervisor in both Family Court Services (Provincial Court of Alberta) and Child Welfare. As a psychologist his awareness of the complexities of child custody, parenting issues or access problems within the context of a psycho-legal arena, has resulted in his being called on at least 300 occasions to the Court of Queen’s Bench (Alberta, Saskatchewan, B.C.) and The Provincial Court of Alberta (Family & Youth; Criminal Division) as an expert witness in these matters. The Judiciary has called upon him to provide his professional skills as a mediator and arbitrator. He also teaches mediation and arbitration worldwide.

Dr. Fong has widely consulted with major organizations in the telecommunications, oil and gas, military, police, banking, educational and service industries. As a leading international mediator and trainer he has consulted
in 13 different countries, as well as appearing on international television and radio. Dr. Fong has produced training tapes in the field of mediation and also is the author of the book ‘Mediation’.

Dr. Fong has been appointed President of the following organizations: Alberta Family Mediation Society,
Family Mediation Canada, the Psychologists Association of Alberta, the College of Alberta Psychologists and most recently the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).

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